Drill Pipe Inspection Services

OCTG Inspection Services

Unos inspection upstream division service provider for inspection, testing and certification services in an oil field industry backed by experienced inspection engineers ASNT Qualified. We offer cost effective and timely services to our clients for smooth, safe and profitable operations. Our inspection and testing services include identification of potential damage/deterioration mechanism, crack identification, thickness monitoring, etc.

Our OCTG team is closely supported by NDT inspection services.Picture2

Drill Pipe Inspection

  • EMI on tube body.
  • MPI on tool joints and upsets.
  • Visual Inspection and Thread Gauging.
  • Dimensional Checks.
  • Ultrasonic Inspection on flash weld areas.
  • Maintenance Services.



  • Black Light Inspection of end connections
  • MPI on upsets and wear pads
  • Visual Inspection and Thread Gauging
  • Dye-Penetrant Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Shear Wave Inspections as required
  • Maintenance Services

RIG Parts/ Handling Equipment

  • MPI/ Black and White Contrast ink inspection
  • Ultrasonic Shear wave Inspection on critical areas
  • Dimensional Check
  • Individual Documentation of Inspection Results


Casing/Tubing Inspection Services

  • API full Length drifting
  • EMI on a full body for Tubing
  • Gauging Services
  • Wall Thickness Measurements
  • Rattling Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Hydro Jetting Services

Retrieved Tubing/ Casing Inspection